An overview of recent press and reviews of Necropanther's music.


This is a release that deserves to be on peoples best of lists for 2023, and if there is any justice, it will be embraced as one of the strongest albums of the year. 5/5”

Metal Epidemic

Betrayal looks and sounds good, but the real test of the band’s abilities lies in their songwriting skills, and Necropanther pass this test without issue; the songs are well-written and flow well…This is energetic music that flies by in a riotous blur of speedy riffs and harsh snarls. The drumming is punishing and there are screaming guitar solos. What more can you ask for from this sort of style?”

Wonderbox Metal

Necropanther...are spraying flowing murals of aggressive splendor, rich with melodramatic harmonization and progression. Their sound is thoroughly blended with black and death flavors, but the coursing thrash at the core is undeniably their central structure.”


Bands like Necropanther are the cornerstone of a healthy musical diet. Everyone has that handful of bands in rotation that are guaranteed to release incredible, year-end list-making music on a regular basis, and with Betrayal, Necropanther has further solidified their tenure within this hallowed pantheon.”

Angry Metal Guy

With lyrics that shift between urban violence and ancient Greece, backwards guitar, harmonized whammy leads, and even a screwdriver, Betrayal is heavier, faster, and just as likely to smash you into pieces as a runaway subway train.”

Ghost Cult Magazine

If you’re looking for killer black thrash, let this dead panther into your home and heart, or some shit. These guys have been putting out killer albums since 2016, this new one is no different, and it’s certainly an early 2023 highlight.”

Teeth of the Divine