We are NECROPANTHER.  Short, thrashy death metal songs from a dystopian future.  Denver, Colorado.

NECROPANTHER to Release 4-song EP: In Depths We Sleep 

The latest EP from Necropanther, In Depths We Sleep will be fully released on Bandcamp on March 12. 2021. It is currently available for pre-order, which includes a streaming track for your immediate listening pleasure.

Written by Paul Anop and performed by Necropanther, the EP tells a dark story of sailors on a whaling ship.

This EP was performed and produced during the time of COVID-19, without the band physically working together.  Each member performed their part individually and through technology, the parts were melded together into the final product. 

Each member of Necropanther is a talented composer.  Their EP series is being released between full-length albums to spotlight an exclusive songwriting voice in the band.  Previous EP releases include "Oppression" (Marcus Corich) and Et Unyttig Liv (Haakon Sjogren).  All previous releases are available at necropanther.bandcamp.com.

Metal Trenches Podcast features Necropanther 

Head on over to Metal Trenches podcast to hear the fun interview they did with Paul and Marcus.  Topics include Denver Metal, Adult Swim, the new album, the band looking forward and more.

Youtube: https://youtu.be/Xh-e1U0uafk 
iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/…/trench-talk-a-me…/id1439822816… 
Castbox: https://castbox.fm/vd/199808099



Colorado extreme metal troupe NECROPANTHER will unleash their third full-length this November. Titled The Doomed City, the fiery 13-track effort pays homage to the sci-fi classic Logan’s Run which depicts a utopian future society on the surface where the population and the consumption of resources are maintained in equilibrium by killing everyone who reaches the age of thirty. 

“We chose Logan’s Run as a deliberate challenge to youth culture. Rebellion is not about decadence.  Fundamentally, it’s about ethical beliefs that undermine authority and power,” notes guitarist Joe Johnson. Adds bassist Marcus Coruch, “The story of Logan’s Run is thematically rich. I think we each found areas of relevance in the story and made those portions our own.” 

The Doomed City, which serves as the follow-up to NECROPANTHER’s 2018 critically lauded, Dune-inspired Eyes Of Blue Light full-length, was recorded at Green Door Recordings with Felipe Patino (NOFX, Rise Against, Casualties etc.) and mixed and mastered at Flatline Audio by Denver’s own Dave Otero (Cattle Decapitation, Allegaeon, Khemmis, Primitive Man). 

 “I feel like we are really reaching our stride in our songwriting and recording process,” says vocalist/guitarist Paul Anop of The Doomed City. “The drum performances Haakon [Sjogren] put down are some of the best I’ve ever heard and working with Dave was great. He had an ear for what we wanted so it went really smoothly.” 

Chimes Sjogren “This album is unique – every member wrote music and lyrics. It was a very collaborative effort. I think we succeeded in creating a strong album fusing multiple voices and sub-genres.” 

NECROPANTHER’s The Doomed City, which comes swathed in the cover art of Denver designer and illustrator Max Sherman, will be self-released November 15th on CD and digital formats. For preorders and to sample first track “RENEW” visit the NECROPANTHER Bandcamp page: Necropanther Bandcamp

The Doomed City Track Listing: 

1. Renew 

2. Death At Hand 

3. Arcade 

4. Cathedral 

5. The Doomed City

6.  Hell

7.  The Thinker

8.  Paid in Flesh

9.  Parricide-Genocide

10.  Tiger

11.  Sandman

12.  Deep Sleep

13.  Argos

Animal Summer 

We have some great shows coming up - mark your calendars!

We're playing with Goatwhore and Ringworm on August 24 at the Black Sheep in Colorado Springs.  ALL AGES SHOW!

Get your tickets here:   Goatwhore/Ringworm/Necropanther Tickets

DENVER HEX is happening September 6th and 7th, featuring Lightening Bolt, Pig Destroyer and a ton of other great bands, including Necropanther!  Shows are happening at the Bluebird, Goosetown Tavern and Lost Lake.  We'll be playing at Goosetown on Friday, September 6.  You can get single day tickets or 2-day passes here: Denver Hex Tickets

Necropanther's First EP: Oppression 

“Oppression’s distinct combination of death metal’s technicality and thrash metal’s go-for-the-throat speed is delicious to listen to,  and will have fans of both of those genres headbanging along in approval.” -- Kerrang! 

Oppression is the first EP from NECROPANTHER.  It  tells the story of an artist interned in a forced labor camp so that the state can stifle his art. The songs reflect the confusion, violence, and dread of institutional abuses, presented in a melodic death metal style that is distinctly American. Oppression depicts political failure and the claustrophobia of a world without privacy, refuge, or self-expression.

This 3-track EP was written entirely by  bassist Marcus Corich, Oppression was recorded, mixed, and mastered by  Paul Anop and Joe Johnson. 

Stream and download on Bandcamp: https://necropanther.bandcamp.com/album/oppression




We are honored that so many metal fans have listened to, downloaded and purchased our new album Eyes of Blue Light.

The reviewers have been kind to us, as well.  

Read what they have said about the new album RIGHT HERE.


Want to see Necropanther but live outside the Denver area?  We're coming for you!

Necropanther is currently in the process of putting together shows to meet metal aficionados in other states.  We are looking forward to travelling to northern and southern Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas, Texas and New Mexico this spring and summer.

We are also playing some pretty incredible shows in the Denver area as well.  Watch for us at the mighty DOYLE show and at another amazing Denver festival that's still under wraps.  We will also be playing some of our favorite room with some favorite local bands.

If you're outside the Colorado area and want to see NECROPANTHER, drop us a line

Keep up with all of our shenanigans right here:  NECROPANTHER SHOW SCHEDULE


Can't wait for our CD release show on February 24th at the Hi-Dive?  PRE-ORDER!

We currently have pre-orders available for download on our Bandcamp page.  Purchase now, and you will be able to download the full album on February 23rd.


You can also pre-order physical CD's right here on our website.  Place your order now, CD's will ship on February 24.

Get the real deal:  CD PRE-ORDER EoBL

Album Update 

One of the things we are most proud about with Eyes of Blue Light is the broader songwriting input from band members.

While Paul Anop was the primary composer for Necropanther, Eyes of Blue Light features songs from a deeper writing pool.  Paul wrote four songs for EoBL, drummer Haakon Sjogren wrote four songs and guitarist Joe Johnson contributed three tracks to the new album.

All three, both individually and collaboratively, wrote the album's Dune-inspired lyrics.

We recently learned that a track on EoBL shared similarities with a song released in 2006 by an American Heavy Metal band from Austin.  The track in question was written by a former band member and this was his only composition on the album.  The other members of Necropanther do not have deep familiarity with the Austin band, so the similarity was not previously noticed.  

We pride ourselves on originality and artistic merit and it was extremely disappointing to discover (after the album was completed) that this song fell short of those standards.  This track will no longer be performed live. 


An early taste of Necropanther's upcoming album "Eyes of Blue Light" is  waiting for you RIGHT HERE.

Imperium Overture introduces the story line of DUNE, which is chronicled in this upcoming release.

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