Death-thrash is a hard genre to lock down — is it really fast death metal? Really brutal speed metal? Who the fuck knows! — but Necropanther have hit its sweet spot. The Colorado quartet, featuring former members of Denver thrash crew Havok, released their Oppression EP earlier this month, and it fucking slays. Mixed and mastered by the band’s Paul Anop and Joe Johnson, Oppression’s distinct combination of death metal’s technicality and thrash metal’s go-for-the-throat speed is delicious to listen to, and will have fans of both of those genres headbanging along in approval.”



(Eyes of Blue Light has) become one of my most played albums in a bumper year of metal releases.. the song-writing and tight, livewire performances are of such stellar quality that Eyes of Blue Light sounds fresh and is extremely addictive. Musically, Necropanther combines feisty blackened thrash with sleek melodic death, cranked out with furious energy and feisty aggression. The melodic and soulful guitar leads work brilliantly in tandem with the band’s slick tempo shifts, killer riffs, and aggressive delivery.”

Teeth of the Divine

Necropanther is more coherent than Trenchgrinder, more deliberate in its melodic leanings than At The Gates, & just as jubilantly riff-tastic as the Skeletonwitch of yore. Necropanther happened across--& then perfected--a genuinely earth-shattering formula of throat-shredding vocals & downright nasty axemanship.”

Sleeping Village Reviews

I’d be extremely surprised if I end up covering a more thoroughly enjoyable and kick-ass record this year. 4.5/5”

Angry Metal Guy

Interview With the Discovery of the Year. I quickly named Eyes of Blue Light as a serious candidate for our Best of 2018.”

Boulevard Brutal

Necropanther's astounding Eyes of Blue Light is easily (despite stiff competition) one of the best albums of the year. Highly, highly recommended”

Sleeping Village Reviews

"A treasure trove of delight in this half hour (and a bit) romp through some of the more appealing Swedish Melo-death influenced Metal you’ve heard this year. 8/10”

Blessed Alter Zine

I truly recommend you all to pay attention on “Eyes of the Blue Light”: Originality: 9 Songwriting: 10 Memorability: 9 Production: 9”

Metal Temple

This is the Dune album you didn't know you needed. It's also one of the best albums of its kind.”

Sea of Tranquility