Necropanther is more coherent than Trenchgrinder, more deliberate in its melodic leanings than At The Gates, & just as jubilantly riff-tastic as the Skeletonwitch of yore. Necropanther happened across--& then perfected--a genuinely earth-shattering formula of throat-shredding vocals & downright nasty axemanship.”

Sleeping Village Reviews

I’d be extremely surprised if I end up covering a more thoroughly enjoyable and kick-ass record this year. 4.5/5”

Angry Metal Guy

Interview With the Discovery of the Year. I quickly named Eyes of Blue Light as a serious candidate for our Best of 2018.”

Boulevard Brutal

Necropanther's astounding Eyes of Blue Light is easily (despite stiff competition) one of the best albums of the year. Highly, highly recommended”

Sleeping Village Reviews

"A treasure trove of delight in this half hour (and a bit) romp through some of the more appealing Swedish Melo-death influenced Metal you’ve heard this year. 8/10”

Blessed Alter Zine

I truly recommend you all to pay attention on “Eyes of the Blue Light”: Originality: 9 Songwriting: 10 Memorability: 9 Production: 9”

Metal Temple

This is the Dune album you didn't know you needed. It's also one of the best albums of its kind.”

Sea of Tranquility

Their second full-length is the latest proof that the Colorado metal scene is truly something special... I bet this band kills it live.”

Indy Metal Vault

You don’t need to be a 'Dune' fan to enjoy Necropanther's 'Eyes of Blue Light.' This album is top-tier melodic death metal.”

Catherine Fearns, Pure Grain Audio

Necropanther are a very great sounding melodic and old school mixture of death and thrash metal...you should check out this band. 8/10”

Variety of Death Zine

I ran sound for these guys tonight. They came into The Elbow Room from Denver, CO and just completely annihilated the place. Super intense, heavy as balls, loud as sh!t, thrashy f@#$in' metal. This coming from a total metal head....GO WATCH THEM PLAY!”

— Elbow Room, Wichita Kansas


REVOLVER MAGAZINE Interview with Jon Weiderhorn:  "Rising Denver extreme act talks merging sci-fi epics with At the Gates–inspired metal."

Read the REVOLVER interview

DECIBEL MAGAZINE:  "Necropanther join the growing legion of killer Colorado-based metal bands with their second full-length album.."

See the DECIBEL Track Premier

WESTWORD magazine interviews Necropanther on their album release.

Read the Westword interview

Tom Murphy:  Denver Westword's "10 Best Metal Bands in Denver, 2016:
"There is something strikingly retro-thrash about Necropanther’s music and presentation.  Yet it sounds like an original band from the first wave of thrash in the ‘80’s rather than a cheap imitator.  Necropanther’s self-titled debut is a dystopian science-fiction novel in álbum form, and reminiscent of mid-‘80’s death metal like early Autopsy in the best way."  Westword's 10 Best Metal Bands in Denver 2016


METAL TEMPLE:  Marcus "Big Daddy" Garcia:  "...An Amazing Musical Work.

It was mixed by Eric Rutan at Mana Recording Studio, and mastered by Alan Douches  of West West Side Music, and the result couldn’t be better: clean, heavy and aggressive, with all the instrumental tunes in great shape and filling the spaces of the songs. Technical, brutal, heavy and with mixed influences, “Necropanther” is a lovely album, with 12 excellent songs that will get you for sure.” Songwriting 10/10 Originality 9/10  Metal Temple NECROPANTHER Review


Metal DP:  Encyclopaedia Metallum:  Metal Archives:

"This debut is a fantastic piece of nostalgic bliss with modern polish that only accentuates the positives. All in all, it feels like a succinct piece of audio excellence; a professional production and clear sound with influences from the best parts of metal’s past. There’s not a bad track in here and there’s no filler to waste your time. Tracks that have become my favorites are interspersed throughout the album, maintaining the interest of the listener throughout this journey through time. In a world filled with the mundane, fresh music is a necessity to stay alive when there are Cyberdyne killing machines from the future and panthers on the prowl. Follow the panther and heed the words of Kyle Reese, “Come with me if you want to live.” If Necropanther’s debut is this strong, their future is looking bright, even though the Skynet dystopia is inevitable, at least the end of humanity will have a good soundtrack."  Encyclopaedia Metallum:  Metal Archives


LOKI MEDIA - Brad Gustafson:

"Dust off your neck braces people, Denver’s Necropanther has just dropped a fierce 3 track preview from their upcoming self-titled album, and it’s a mountain of aggression bundled into an eight minute and twenty second euphonic punch.

Showcasing adept musicianship characterized by high technical prowess, precision riffs, and a toxic blend of violent thrash metal sounds, Necropanther has wasted no time winning over the local metal scene here in Denver. Now, with the release of their highly anticipated debut album, Necropanther is poised to break through to a national audience in a big way.   If the rest of the album delivers anything like the first three tracks, we’re in for a landmark debut. "  LOKI Media Review