NECROPANTHER to Release 4-song EP: In Depths We Sleep

The latest EP from Necropanther, In Depths We Sleep will be fully released on Bandcamp on March 12. 2021. It is currently available for pre-order, which includes a streaming track for your immediate listening pleasure.

Written by Paul Anop and performed by Necropanther, the EP tells a dark story of sailors on a whaling ship.

This EP was performed and produced during the time of COVID-19, without the band physically working together.  Each member performed their part individually and through technology, the parts were melded together into the final product. 

Each member of Necropanther is a talented composer.  Their EP series is being released between full-length albums to spotlight an exclusive songwriting voice in the band.  Previous EP releases include "Oppression" (Marcus Corich) and Et Unyttig Liv (Haakon Sjogren).  All previous releases are available at