Necropanther's First EP: Oppression

“Oppression’s distinct combination of death metal’s technicality and thrash metal’s go-for-the-throat speed is delicious to listen to,  and will have fans of both of those genres headbanging along in approval.” -- Kerrang! 

Oppression is the first EP from NECROPANTHER.  It  tells the story of an artist interned in a forced labor camp so that the state can stifle his art. The songs reflect the confusion, violence, and dread of institutional abuses, presented in a melodic death metal style that is distinctly American. Oppression depicts political failure and the claustrophobia of a world without privacy, refuge, or self-expression.

This 3-track EP was written entirely by  bassist Marcus Corich, Oppression was recorded, mixed, and mastered by  Paul Anop and Joe Johnson. 

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