Album Update

One of the things we are most proud about with Eyes of Blue Light is the broader songwriting input from band members.

While Paul Anop was the primary composer for Necropanther, Eyes of Blue Light features songs from a deeper writing pool.  Paul wrote four songs for EoBL, drummer Haakon Sjogren wrote four songs and guitarist Joe Johnson contributed three tracks to the new album.

All three, both individually and collaboratively, wrote the album's Dune-inspired lyrics.

We recently learned that a track on EoBL shared similarities with a song released in 2006 by an American Heavy Metal band from Austin.  The track in question was written by a former band member and this was his only composition on the album.  The other members of Necropanther do not have deep familiarity with the Austin band, so the similarity was not previously noticed.  

We pride ourselves on originality and artistic merit and it was extremely disappointing to discover (after the album was completed) that this song fell short of those standards.  This track will no longer be performed live.