Necropanther is proud to welcome Marcus Corich as the new bass player for the death metal quartet.  Corich, along with Necropanther drummer Haakon Sjogren, were founding members of HAVOK. 

"It's great to be working with Marcus again.  He's an incredibly talented musician and we're excited about the new dimension he brings to Necropanther," states Sjogren.  Corich also played with Sjogren and Necropanther guitarist Joe Johnson in MOORE, a previous Colorado metal band project. 

He is filling the void left when previous bassist, Kyle Hupp, made the decision to return to Kansas.  "We had a blast playing with Kyle and we wish him the best.  However, Wichita is just too far for band practice," says Necropanther founder Paul Anop.  "It was extremely fortunate that Marcus was available to step in so quickly." 

Corich joined Necropanther in time to record the tracks for their upcoming release, and will make his live show debut when the recording process is finished.  When he's not playing metal, he can often be found doing extremely risk maneuvers at Colorado skate parks.