Famed producer Fredrik Nordstrom, architect of "The Gothenburg Sound" and studio mastermind behind bands such as At The Gates, Arch Enemy and In Flames, will mix and master the upcoming NECROPANTHER album "Eyes of Blue Light." 

NECROPANTHER will travel to Nordstrom's Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Sweden to complete the production process of this highly anticipated album. 

"We had a lot of discussion as to who could best produce this album, and agreed that Mr. Nordstrom was the ultimate choice.  We were incredibly excited when he agreed to work with us after reviewing our demo," states Paul Anop, NECROPANTHER guitarist and founder. 

This will be the sophomore release from the Denver-based death metal band, and is a concept album based on Frank Herbert's classic "Dune." 

"We have a wide range of sounds and writing styles within the band," states Joe Johnson, guitarist, "and concept albums allow us to incorporate that into a cohesive package." 

Eyes of Blue Light is slated for release in early 2018.